System integrated with an external signal such as that of a Sky decoder or a security video camera.

Closed system that only provides the contents of the customer.

Both solutions can be installed on a single TV or connected to a multiple system. Management takes place via web, with a remote control system that minimizes technical interventions on site.

Our 2 main products

With a view to reducing costs, all the hardware supplied by us is rented, with a small initial contribution and a monthly fee that also includes the services offered.



No fear, our systems also work offline, provide automatic updates, but these do not imply any interruption.

Our back office is constantly able to verify in real time any anomalies or system malfunctions.

What if the internet connection skips?

Cable Green Ethernet

Operating procedure

An initial inspection is planned, where the structural interventions to be carried out are decided with the client (if necessary)

Then we move on to the second phase, which is the design of the service, where we illustrate to the customer the graphic options for his channel tailored to his needs.

In the absence of material owned by the customer (photos, videos, logos), our company is able to create professional products at favorable prices.

The last phase ends with the installation and management of the chosen product.

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