Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Do not be left behind, save time and money by entering the new world of video communication through our digital systems. It's fast, simple and versatile!

Waiting rooms, public offices and workplaces

In waiting rooms, clinics, medical offices, pharmacies, stations, municipal offices, where users can appreciate the services offered, with the addition of news or various widgets.


In hospitals, department stores, schools and factories where our systems can be used both to convey service information and to provide safety indications.

In Gyms, Spas, Sport Centers.


Franchising chain stores

These realities, as well as exploiting the service to convey the offers and promotions both general and totally customizable by point of sale, can also use the service to create scenographic environments that can be modified at will ...


Restaurants and meeting places

In these places it is possible to convert old televisions and monitors to transmit in addition to the usual TV programs (for example football matches), even their promotional messages, offers, events, menus.



Hotels can use this service for the creation of an exclusive channel, with which to promote their business and their services to customers directly on TV in their rooms, or for internal communications to staff.



Any kind of shop such as clothing, consumer electronics, toys, auto workshops, insurance, etc.